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Learn +Discover

‍Understanding the business and its objectives is critical in delivering product innovation.

Design +Visualization

Business processes and the knowledge gleaned from Stage 1 are mapped to identify growth opportunities

Prototyping +Integration

Powering up the solution our learnings requires a 2-4 week rapid development process.

Delivery +Growth

Post-production our Data Engineering and Analytics teams come into play





Data-Driven Decisions: Empower your leadership team with a cutting-edge analytics platform that transforms raw data into actionable insights. We specialize in helping you identify untapped growth opportunities, visualize cost-saving strategies, and leverage AI and ML for automation.
Behavioral Analytics

Uncover behaviour insights, identify data patterns, and construct dynamic customer segmentation models, enabling precise targeting, personalized interactions, and an enhanced customer experience.

Predictive Modelling

Harness the power of historical and real-time data along with pattern recognition to forecast future trends and events.

Conversion Funnel + Retention

Deliver personalized content to your target audience, enhancing the customer experience and driving additional revenue.

Computer Vision

Employ advanced algorithms to extract valuable insights From surroundings and images enabling applications such as facial recognition and biometrics.

AI Speech Advancements NLP

Equip machines with humanlevel text and speech comprehension, driving automation in customer service and the development of sophisticated chatbots.





We are experts in ensuring a smooth migration journey, whether to the cloud or within your on-premise environment.

Embrace the power of our cloudbased consulting solutions, designed to provide insights into your current operations, transform your existing systems, present service provider alternatives, and create comprehensive roadmaps for process and product transitions.


Our implementation initiatives are dedicated to solidifying the synergy between your meticulously crafted cloud enablement strategy and the essential infrastructure prerequisites, while ensuring compliance with existing regulatory processes.


You can count on our expert team of engineers to facilitate seamless integration, consolidation, and service delivery, allowing you the agility to efficiently adapt to everchanging business variables.





Seamlessly integrate our experts into your projects to bolster your development capabilities. We provide a flexible and scalable workforce, ensuring you can meet increased demands without compromising quality.

We work closely with team managers/leaders to identity skills and expertise required by them.

Resource Identification + Selection

Using a bank of resumes and internal networks, we identify the right talent and create a short list of finalists which are then interviewed by the client.

Resource Onboarding

Once the final resources have been chosen, we begin our very rigorous process of onboarding.

Moment of Truth

There is a probation period after which the resource is completely ready to be managed by the client.


Systems Integration



We are skilled in forming the right connections across multiple platforms, whether it’s ERP, CRM, or Cloud-based platforms.
Platform Customization

We excel in customizing platforms to align seamlessly with your business operations, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation process.

Industry Specific SMEs.

With a proven track record, we have implemented solutions across various industries, gaining valuable insights and expertise in catering to unique sector-specific needs.

Simplifying Complex Integrations

We specialize in handling intricate integrations and customizing modules ensuring a cohesive and efficient business software ecosystem.


Product Innovation



Rapid Prototyping for Innovation: Partner with us to bring your ideas to life quickly. Our experienced product and engineering resources can take your concepts from the drawing board to production in just 8-10 weeks. We're your go-to team for building proof of concepts, helping you validate and iterate on innovative solutions.
Learn + Discover

Understanding the business and its objectives is critical in delivering product innovation. Stage 1 focuses on learning about business functions and how they are powered to deliver a product or service

Design + Visualization

Business processes and the knowledge gleaned from Stage 1 are mapped to identify growth opportunities Stage 2 focuses on leveraging data and insights from research and surveys to illustrate the canvas

Prototyping + Integration

Powering up the solution to validate our learnings requires a 2-4 week rapid development process. Stage 3 focuses on bringing the learnings to life. Product, Design and Engineering work

Delivery + Growth

Post-production our Data Engineering and Analytics teams come into play Stage 4 focuses on delivering stakeholders with a dashboard that tracks and visualizes the impact of innovation and a potential roadmap to scaling.


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We are more than satisfied with both the final result and the process as well.

Savannah Nguyen

CEO at ProNature

Alternate turned our digital presence upside down. Great process and result.

Jeremy Ellis

Partner at Greenish

Alternate broguht a fresh perspective and a surprising results in short time.

Sarah Stark

CMO at Automation

From a great strategic overview to perfect execution on every single project.

Jennifer Mason

CEO at Sitemark

A trusted partner that brings a lot more to the table than we expect. Truly great.

Mark Knowles

VP at SnapShot

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