Product Advisory + Platform Development

Traditional Real-Estate business looking for it’s competitive edge.

Worked with leadership to define a product roadmap to drive customer growth and retention. Worked closely with the analytics teams to identify platform optimization opportunities.

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Conventional way of developing + deploying software technology.

  • Teams were using the waterfall methodology
  • Inefficient team structures
  • Excel-based feature tracking and product management
  • Limited visibility of resource efficiency and productivity


Business Process Automation

  • Migrated to an agile product + delivery model
  • Introduced sprint-based software development
  • Implemented tools to deliver higher resource productivity

Our Work


Agile Service Delivery = Growth

  • Leaner/Agile Team Structure Reduced TAT
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Significant shift in product and feature delivery
Scaled the business three-folds + exited after 2.5 years

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